About Sara

Sara Pashaei Rad, a fully registered clinical psychologist with UK Health professions council HCPC and subject to its standards of proficiency, she is also registered with Swedish National Board of Health and welfare. She has over 15 years clinical experience in a wide range of Adult mental health services, including community based service, both inpatient and outpatient units, Rehabilitation services and forensic and locked settings. She currently works full time in the NHS England within a specialist service, she runs an evening clinic as part time private practitioner.

Her extensive experiences has resulted in not only working and treating conditions that stems from the pressure of our life today, but also in working frequently with conditions such as personality disorder, psychosis, sexual offenders, dual diagnostic, autism and learning disability, depression/anxiety, stress, low self-esteem, and also degenerative neurological conditions such as stroke, Multiple Sclerosis and dementia.

In addition, throughout her career she has designed and provided training in a number of areas e.g. personality disorders, , communication skills when working with dementia/Learning disability/personality disordered clients, Depression and anxiety in elderly, understanding challenging behaviour, Self- transcendence as an inner natural resource when facing challenges in life.

Interventions have been provided both on individual one to one basis and in group settings.

She uses either a single cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) approach or a combination of evidence based approach such as Dialectic Behaviour Therapy (DBT), mindfulness and psychodynamic in her practice, tailored  and suitable to the individual need, presentation, cognitive ability and personality.

Her personal therapy style and approach is holistic, warm, empathetic, non judgmental and understanding with a strong ability to build up trust, rapport and therapeutic alliance.

The philosophy behind the practice

Inspired and guided by well established and scientifically approved personality and developmental psychological theories, mainly positive and humanistic psychology and perspective and further touched by influential mystic and spiritual eastern teachers such as Rumi, she strongly emphasises the interdependence of physiological, social, spiritual and psychological dynamics in her clinical practice and in her training and workshops activities.

Rumi’s (a13th- century Persian poet), teaching and mystical insights encourage us to become better human beings, liberated from illusory perception of this material world, to become more patient, compassionate, to grow and attain self transcendence and further he invites us to explore the treasure of hidden dimensions of the world within, even though when we face a world filled with real danger and horrors.

Sara's clinical skills and educational background  combined with her personal inspirations from ancient eastern teaching about inner wisdom prepare you to become more aware of your character, your feelings and your depths, it will expand your mind, help you to feel less anxious and fearful and more alive, hopeful and vivid with a more sense of inner emotional freedom.

As a clinician Sara has a firm belief in human strength; in the existence of human’s higher needs and inner natural resources. Resources which once uncovered, recognised and revealed will have a profound impact on our:

Control over our thoughts, feelings, behaviour, life fulfilment and most importantly, ability to bear with adversities that results from the pressure of life and from challenging and unavoidable life conditions such as separations, loss and grief, ageing, sickness and death.

Enhancing your emotional wellbeing and personal growth, helping you to cultivate a peaceful mind, and assisting you to believe  in your own abilities to rise up specially when facing life adversities and challenges is a priority in Sara's clinical practice and teaching.

Throughout her practice as a clinical psychologist in metropolitan London, she has encountered and worked with clients from a wide range of cultural background, so no matter where you are in the world or what your cultural background is, you can always get help and assistance through her online based clinic and teaching.

sessions can be provided in English, Swedish or Farsi.




Clinical psychologists hold a protected title this means that you can use the title and practice clinically if you meet a high level of doctoral level training, expertise and competence. These standards are set by HCPC.